Enter the Great Whio Adventure Competition


April is Whio Awareness Month. Take part in events and competitions that celebrate and promote our endangered blue duck.

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April is the month for celebrating whio – New Zealand's iconic blue duck.

These unique birds are some of the only ducks in the world to live in fast flowing streams. Their presence is a great indicator of healthy river eco-systems.

But, with less than 3,000 left in New Zealand, we've got to do our best to keep them around!

The Great Whio Adventure Competition

Play the Whio Boot Camp game and be in to win an amazing adventure! 

Each time you play, you learn some cool stuff about whio and can enter the Great Whio Adventure competition.

You could win a trip for four to go and see whio in the wild. The best bit is you can play and enter as many times as you like. Competition ends Friday 27 April 2018.

Play the Whio Boot Camp game

Other ways to get involved

To celebrate Whio Awareness month, you can:

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