Woolly nightshade
Image: Weedbusters 


We're on the lookout for the Dirty Dozen. These are weeds that threaten to destroy our native plant communities.

Recent observations of the Dirty Dozen

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The Dirty Dozen

  1. Wilding conifers (10 species)
  2. Woolly nightshade
  3. Buddleia
  4. Wild ginger
  5. English ivy
  6. Wandering willie
  7. Darwin’s barberry
  8. Climbing asparagus
  9. Old man’s beard
  10. Moth plant
  11. Banana passionfruit (4 species)
  12. Japanese honeysuckle
  13. Spartina (2 species)

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There are a total of 26 weed species in the Dirty Dozen project on NatureWatch.

How you can help

If you think you've spotted a Dirty Dozen weed record your observation on NatureWatch NZ or using the iNaturalist mobile app.

  1. Make sure you have a NatureWatch NZ account.
  2. Find and join the Dirty Dozen project.
  3. Explore your local area, and take clear photos of weeds you think are in the Dirty Dozen.
  4. Use the website or app to upload your photo as an observation and: 
    • choose the option to get ID help from our community of experts if you're unsure of the species
    • choose to add to the Dirty Dozen project

How to add an observation

About NatureWatch NZ

NatureWatch NZ is a citizen science website for recording New Zealand's biodiversity. It is a place where you can share what you see in nature, meet other nature watchers, and learn about New Zealand animals, plants, and fungi. More than 150,000 observations have been uploaded covering all kinds of life, including weeds.

Your weed observations will contribute to this huge national database by revealing what weed species are growing where. This will help scientists better understand patterns of invasion and how uncontrolled weeds are destroying our native landscapes. Many weeds are truly invasive, and without control they displace native plants and animals.

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