A visit to Dunedin is not complete without a visit to the Royal Albatross Centre on Otago Peninsula.

Pukekura/Taiaroa Head is home to the world's only mainland royal albatross breeding colony. The Northern Royal Albatross is a taonga species, valued and admired by all locals and visitors. 

To see these magnificent birds in real life, head along to the Royal Albatross Centre.  It's the only place you can easily view royal albatross parents and chicks.

The Centre, which is run by Otago Peninsula Trust, a charitable trust, offers tours with an exclusive observatory sited on the nature reserve. Here, visitors can watch the seasonal behaviour of breeding albatross including courting, egg incubation, chicks and adolescent hijinks.

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Royal Albatross Centre.
Inside the Royal Albatross Centre

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This is an El Nino year, which can result in lower rainfall and higher temperatures during the summer months. Albatross chicks are unable to leave the nest, and during periods of high temperatures, the adult birds and chicks can suffer from overheating and "fly blow or strike".

Due to El Nino, albatross chicks are likely to experience overheating while on the nest during this period.

To help mitigate the effects of overheating, irrigation spray nozzles are directed at the nests to provide cooling, and $5000 is needed to assist with extra costs. You can help by donating to the Otago Peninsula Trust's Givealittle campaign.

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